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Velvet Carpet Fabric

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Velvet carpet fabric, often called velvet carpet, is a type of carpet known for its luxurious appearance and soft, plush texture. It is characterized by its softness, shiny appearance, and plush texture. It adds a touch of luxury and comfort to interior spaces and is often used in areas where aesthetics and tactile experience are important. Velvet rugs provide a degree of insulation, helping to regulate temperature and potentially reduce energy costs. It keeps the room warm in cold weather.
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Haining Chuangxing Warp Knitting Co. Ltd. , a national High-tech Enterprise, established in 2002, located in the beautiful city Haining, which is in Zhejiang province. covers an area of 160,000 square feet, employs over 100 people. It is a comprehensive enterprise with designing, developing, producing, and selling. Velvet Carpet Fabric Manufacturers and Wholesale Velvet Carpet Fabric Factory in China. Our product sold to more than 100 countries and regions. We occupied big shares in America, Turkey, Korea, South Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.
Industry knowledge
How to solve the problem of fading or deformation of velvet carpet fabric?

Fading or losing shape in velvet carpet fabric are some common problems, but they can be solved by:
Avoid direct sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause velvet rug fabric to fade. Therefore, try to avoid exposing your carpet to direct sunlight. You can reduce direct sunlight by using curtains or blackout curtains.
Turn your velvet rug regularly: Turning your velvet rug regularly will evenly distribute the stress and wear it receives, thereby reducing fading or warping in some areas.
Gentle Cleaning: Clean your velvet rug using a gentle cleaning method and avoid using strong detergents or excessive scrubbing with a brush to prevent fading or damage to the fabric.
Professional Cleaning: Professional cleaning is done regularly to ensure the cleanliness and appearance of your carpets. Ask a professional to clean it and choose the right detergent and cleaning method to prevent the carpet fabric from fading or deforming.
Avoid humid environments: Velvet carpets absorb moisture easily, and long-term exposure to humid environments may cause deformation. Therefore, try to avoid placing carpets in humid places and keep the room dry and ventilated.
Comb your carpet regularly: Gently combing your velvet carpet regularly with a fine-tooth comb will help maintain the bulk and shine of the carpet fibers and reduce the likelihood of localized fading.
Use carpet pads: Placing the right carpet pads under your carpets can increase the stability of your carpets, reduce friction and wear on your carpets, and extend the life of your carpets.

What is the purpose of turning velvet rug fabric regularly?

Regularly turning velvet carpet fabric has the following effects:
Even wear: By turning your carpet regularly, the stress and wear on your carpet can be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the carpet. This helps reduce wear and dents in localized areas, extending the life of your carpet.
Maintain appearance: Carpets are often stepped on and rubbed, and are prone to dents and deformation. Regularly turning the carpet over can restore the fibers on the carpet's surface to its original state, maintaining the carpet's appearance and texture.
Reduce fading: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause carpet fabric to fade. By turning your rug over regularly, you can evenly distribute the sunlight to your rug over its entire surface, reducing the chance of fading.
Increase comfort: Regularly turning the carpet can evenly distribute the thickness and softness of the carpet, improve the comfort and elasticity of the carpet, and make it more comfortable for people to walk on the carpet.
Prevent indentations: Frequent placement of furniture on the carpet will cause indentations, affecting the appearance and texture of the carpet. Turning the carpet over regularly can change the position of the furniture and reduce the pressure of the furniture on the carpet, thereby reducing the occurrence of indentations.
Regularly turning the velvet carpet fabric can evenly wear, maintain appearance, reduce fading, and increase comfort. It can also prevent the occurrence of indentations, extend the service life of the carpet, and maintain the beauty and comfort of the carpet.