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Haining Chuangxing Warp Knitting Co. Ltd. , a national High-tech Enterprise, established in 2002, located in the beautiful city Haining, which is in Zhejiang province. covers an area of 160,000 square feet, employs over 100 people. It is a comprehensive enterprise with designing, developing, producing, and selling. Sofa Plain Velvet Upholstery Fabric Manufacturers and Wholesale Sofa Plain Velvet Upholstery Fabric Factory in China. Our product sold to more than 100 countries and regions. We occupied big shares in America, Turkey, Korea, South Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.
Industry knowledge
Is the plain velvet upholstery fabric for the sofa stain-resistant? Is it easy to clean and how?

Sofas plain velvet upholstery fabrics are usually stain-resistant to some degree, but this will depend on how the fabric is treated and the quality of the fabric. Generally speaking, specially treated velvet fabrics can make it harder for stains to penetrate into the fiber, making it easier to clean.

Here are the general steps for cleaning plain velvet upholstery fabric on your sofa:
Vacuum regularly: Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristled brush to clean the sofa surface regularly to remove dust, debris and surface dirt. This prevents dust and dirt from settling on the fabric, reducing stain formation.
Gentle Scrubbing: For minor stains, you can use a damp cloth to wipe gently, or use a soft brush to gently scrub. Be careful not to use too much force when wiping to avoid damaging the fluff of the fabric.
Special Cleaners: For stubborn stains, special cleaners can be used. Before using a cleaner, it is recommended to test it in an inconspicuous location to ensure that the cleaner will not have an adverse effect on the fabric. Choose a mild detergent and follow the detergent's directions.
Spot cleaning: For local stains, you can use spot cleaners or foam cleaners. After cleaning, wipe gently with clean water and allow to dry.
Waterproof treatment: In order to further improve the stain resistance of the fabric, you can consider waterproofing the velvet fabric. Water-repellent treatments reduce the possibility of liquids penetrating into the fabric, thereby reducing the formation of stains.
Avoid using hot water or strong detergents when cleaning to avoid damaging the fiber structure and color of the velvet fabric.

How does the plain velvet upholstery fabric of the sofa prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt?

Sofa plain velvet upholstery fabrics for  often have a few properties that help prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt:
Tightly woven structure: Velvet fabrics typically have a tightly woven fine fiber structure, which helps reduce the penetration and deposition of dust and dirt. The tight arrangement between fibers blocks the entry of fine particles such as dust, making them easier to remove.
Special coatings or treatments: Some velvet fabrics receive special coatings or treatments, such as anti-stain treatments or anti-bacterial treatments, to improve their stain-resistant properties. These treatments can make dirt less likely to adhere to the surface of the fabric and make it easier to clean.
Antistatic treatment: Velvet fabrics may have been treated with an antistatic treatment to reduce the potential for static electricity to attract dust and fine dirt. This helps keep the fabric clean and reduces the accumulation of dust and dirt.
Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning is key to preventing the buildup of dust and dirt. By regularly vacuuming and gentle wiping, dust and dirt can be removed from surfaces and prevented from accumulating.
Waterproof treatment: Some velvet fabrics may have been treated with waterproofing to give their surface a certain degree of water resistance. Waterproofing can reduce liquid penetration and reduce dirt deposition.
The solid velvet upholstery fabric for sofas can effectively prevent the deposition of dust and dirt through its special fiber structure, processing methods and characteristics. However, regular cleaning and maintenance are still important steps in keeping fabrics clean, helping to extend their life and maintain their appearance.