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Automotive Headliner Fabric Wholesale

Automotive Headliner Fabric is constructed to withstand the rigors of daily vehicle use, including temperature fluctuations, UV exposure and general wear and tear. Headlining fabric can help reduce interior noise by absorbing sound and minimizing echoes. This contributes to a quieter and more comfortable driving experience. Provides thermal insulation to help maintain a comfortable interior temperature and reduce the effects of external heat or cold.
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Haining Chuangxing Warp Knitting Co. Ltd. , a national High-tech Enterprise, established in 2002, located in the beautiful city Haining, which is in Zhejiang province. covers an area of 160,000 square feet, employs over 100 people. It is a comprehensive enterprise with designing, developing, producing, and selling. Automotive Headliner Fabric Manufacturers and Wholesale Automotive Headliner Fabric Factory in China. Our product sold to more than 100 countries and regions. We occupied big shares in America, Turkey, Korea, South Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.
Industry knowledge
Does the car ceiling fabric have UV protection and noise reduction functions?

Some automotive headliner fabrics have UV protection and noise reduction capabilities.
UV protection: Many car headliner fabrics are specially treated to increase their protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays. The UV protection function can effectively reduce the penetration of ultraviolet rays into fabrics, reduce the intensity of ultraviolet rays in the car, and help protect the passengers and interior decoration from ultraviolet damage. This is especially important for vehicles that are parked outdoors or exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.
Noise reduction function: Some car roof fabrics also have noise reduction functions, which can effectively reduce external noise from entering the car and provide a quieter and more comfortable driving environment. This function is usually achieved by using sound-absorbing materials or special fiber structures, which can effectively reduce the transmission of external sounds such as wind noise and road noise.
These functions make the car roof fabric not only an important part of protecting the passengers and interior of the car, but also providing a more comfortable and safe driving experience. When choosing a car headliner fabric, consider these additional features to meet the user's needs for comfort and safety.

Car roof fabric Is the fabric treated with relevant flame retardant treatments to reduce the risk of fire and smoke?

Many automotive headliner fabrics receive relevant flame retardant treatments to reduce the risk of fire and smoke. This flame retardant treatment usually involves adding specific chemicals to the fabric to make it harder to burn when exposed to flames, or to reduce the rate at which it burns and the smoke it produces.
After the car roof fabric is flame-retardant, it can be more fire-resistant when exposed to flames, delaying the spread of fire, thereby providing more time for the passengers in the car to escape, and reducing injuries and property losses caused by fires. In addition, flame retardant treatment can also help reduce toxic gases and smoke produced by combustion, reducing the danger and scope of fire.
When choosing car roof fabrics, it is recommended to give priority to products that have been treated with flame retardant to ensure the safety of the passengers in the car and the vehicle itself. At the same time, regular inspection and maintenance of car roof fabrics is also one of the important measures to prevent fires.