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Emboss Velvet Curtain Fabric Wholesale

Embossed velvet curtain fabrics feature raised or embossed patterns on the velvet surface. These patterns add depth and texture to the fabric, enhancing its visual appeal. Embossed velvet curtain fabric features a raised pattern on the velvet surface, providing a unique textured look. Available in a variety of colors and customization options, it provides good light control and privacy, and helps improve energy efficiency.
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Haining Chuangxing Warp Knitting Co. Ltd. , a national High-tech Enterprise, established in 2002, located in the beautiful city Haining, which is in Zhejiang province. covers an area of 160,000 square feet, employs over 100 people. It is a comprehensive enterprise with designing, developing, producing, and selling. Emboss Velvet Curtain Fabric Manufacturers and Wholesale Emboss Velvet Curtain Fabric Factory in China. Our product sold to more than 100 countries and regions. We occupied big shares in America, Turkey, Korea, South Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.
Industry knowledge
How to improve the light-shielding properties of embossed velvet curtain fabrics?

To improve the light-blocking properties of embossed velvet curtain fabrics, you can consider the following methods:
Choose the right curtain fabric: Choose thick velvet fabrics, such as high-density velvet or curtain fabrics with backings. These materials usually have better light-blocking properties.
Consider adding a blackout lining: Adding a specialized blackout lining, such as a blackout cloth or a blackout coating, to the back of the embossed velvet curtain fabric can effectively block sunlight penetration and improve the curtain's blackout performance.
Use a double-layer curtain design: If conditions permit, you can consider using a double-layer curtain design, that is, installing a layer of blackout curtains above the window and a layer of embossed velvet curtain fabric below, which can further improve the light-blocking effect of the curtains.
Optimize the size and installation of curtains: Make sure the curtains are large enough to cover the entire window and cover the edges and gaps of the window as much as possible to reduce the transmission of sunlight. In addition, correctly installing curtain rods and curtain accessories to ensure that the curtains are close to the edge of the window will also help improve the light-blocking performance.
Avoid light penetration: Pay attention to gaps and loopholes that block light penetration, such as gaps around windows or gaps between curtains and walls. You can use curtain accessories or caulking materials to ensure that the curtains can effectively block light.

What effect does the double-layer curtain design have on embossed velvet curtain fabrics?

The double-layer curtain design has several effects on embossed velvet curtain fabrics:
Improve the blackout effect: The double-layer curtain design can add another layer of blackout curtains, such as blackout cloth or blackout-coated curtain fabrics, to the outer layer of the embossed velvet curtain fabric. This can form double protection, effectively block direct sunlight and penetration, improve the shading effect of the curtains, and make the indoor light softer.
Enhanced privacy protection: The double-layer curtain design can increase the thickness and density of the curtains without affecting the light, thereby enhancing the privacy protection effect of the curtains. Especially at night or when extra privacy is needed, the double-layer curtain design can effectively block the outside view.
Improve the decorative effect: As the outer curtain, embossed velvet curtain fabric can play a decorative role and add elegance and warmth to the interior. The inner layer of blackout curtains can play a practical role and make the curtains more functional.
Increased energy efficiency: The double-layer curtain design can provide additional insulation in winter and reduce indoor heat loss, thereby reducing heating energy consumption. In the summer, a double-layer curtain design can also help block outdoor heat, reduce the use of air conditioning, and improve energy efficiency.
The double-layer curtain design can improve the functionality and practicality of the curtains while maintaining the decorative effect of the embossed velvet curtain fabric.