Which sofa fabric to choose?


The sofa, for the "lazy cancer" who can sit and never s […]

The sofa, for the "lazy cancer" who can sit and never stand, and can lie down and never sit, is simply the greatest invention of mankind! When decorating, is it a headache for me to face a wide range of sofa types? So many sofa fabrics, which one is more suitable for us?
Flannel sofa
The flannel sofa has a stylish shape, good color, dust and dirt, but it is prone to static electricity. When purchasing, we should choose the soft, smooth and uniform color, good gloss and strong overall sense, and the short flannel should choose the denser velvet. If you get stains in your life, just scrub with clean water. It is recommended to wash the sofa cover.
Cotton sofa
The fabric sofa made of pure cotton is integrated into the air, natural and environmentally friendly, and is very close to the skin. It is the model with the widest market share at present. The pastoral style is most used in pure cotton sofas.
When buying, choose the natural color and uniform color, the hand feel is delicate, soft and thick. The sample fabric can be drawn out a little thread and burn it with fire. The quality of the fabric that can be turned into ash and has no burnt smell is better. Hand wash or machine wash during cleaning. Ironing after drying is essential. In order to avoid shrinkage, you can also send it to a professional washing shop for cleaning. Under normal circumstances, vacuum once every two months.
Linen sofa
The most fascinating thing about the linen sofa is its good thermal conductivity. Even if it is hot in summer, you don't have to worry about sweating and sticky. The texture of the linen sofa is close but soft, soft and hard, and has a simple Natural temperament. Linen sofa is more wear-resistant, not easy to fold, does not fade, does not ball, does not generate static electricity, and does not mold in humid places.
When we buy, we should choose a clean surface without threads or interfaces. If you want a softer cotton and linen sofa, you can choose a cotton material with a higher cotton content. When in use, there are gaps on the surface and need to be frequently vacuumed to remove dust in the corners and fabric gaps. In order to avoid shrinkage, it is recommended to send it to a special washing shop for dry cleaning.
Leather sofa
The high-grade and high-quality leather sofa is the representative of noble luxury.
The editor said: The leather sofa has excellent air permeability, is comfortable and durable. Compared with the cloth sofa, the leather sofa is easy to clean. When choosing, it is improper to check whether the leather surface of the backrest and seat cushion is smooth and smooth. It is improper to check the leather surface of other places if it is broken or cracked, not to mention sharp objects such as iron nails. In your life, you must ensure the ventilation of the room. Excessive dryness or humidity will accelerate the aging of the leather. Do not place it in direct sunlight or direct air conditioning.