Where is printed velvet used?


Different types of velvet give people different feeling […]

Different types of velvet give people different feelings, and the ratio of raw materials used in the production process is also different. This is the main reason for the different quality of velvet. For different types of fabrics, its application range is different. Let's take a look at the different applications of printed velvet.
As a kind of fabric, the most common is to make printed velvet into clothes. The quality of the fabric is also evaluated according to the production level. There will be more options for applying this kind of fabric to clothing. First of all, it is the choice of single and double-sided. Single-sided fleece will weaken the thermal insulation performance and require higher comfort. Double-faced fleece will increase the weight of the clothes, and the clothes are mainly loose-fitted during production. When you wear one or two more, you will feel bloated.
The pattern of printing makes the surface of the fabric more layered and also increases the variability. It can be processed on solid-color fabrics, and it can also be processed on colored fabrics to make the shape more three-dimensional.
Printed velvet is often used to make blankets. It can change the thickness of the blanket by changing the content of various materials, so that it can be used in more different occasions.
As long as you observe more in your life, you will find many products made of printed velvet. Although their applications are different, the warmth they bring is the same.