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What material is coral fleece?

What material is coral fleece?

Coral is soft, non-pigmented, non-pilling, and much more absorbent than cotton. When it emerged, it was often used as a bath towel and bathrobe. The production process of coral fleece is very complicated. From the white embryo cloth to the finished product, the main processes such as rolling, sewing, hemming, dyeing, softening, drying, edging, carding, shearing, shaking, and shaping are required. Nowadays, with the continuous innovation of production and processing technology, new "cut flowers" and "embossed" processes have been added to the production of coral velvet, making coral velvet products more diverse, more beautiful in appearance, and rich in layers.

Coral fleece is a very popular fabric, and its advantages cannot be underestimated. Coral fleece is soft and delicate, with high fiber density, rich colors, beautiful appearance, no fading, no pilling, strong heat preservation, and strong water absorption. However, because its main raw material is fiber, it tends to breed static electricity when the climate is dry, and it is easy to lose floating hair. It is recommended that infants and young children should not use it for people with asthma or other respiratory diseases.

When we make coral fleece products, we must be careful. The washing temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. If you have the conditions, please put the coral fleece product into a laundry bag, please use a neutral detergent, and add an appropriate amount of softener. Do not bleach, do not dry clean. Do not be exposed to direct sunlight, and dry slowly. Second, after air-drying, the product should be folded and placed in a dry place. Remember not to pile too much on the coral fleece product, otherwise it will be deformed. Third, mothballs, fresheners, and dehumidifiers should not be in close contact with coral fleece products.

There are many kinds of coral fleece on the market, so how do we distinguish the good from the bad? The high-quality coral fleece is flat on the front and neat on the back. The inferior coral fleece is uneven, and stains will be found in the sun. To the touch, smooth is high quality, and jerky is inferior. Sensitive to smell, colorless, and odorless, it is a high-quality product, and it has an obvious pungent odor, which is a low-quality product.