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What kind of sofa cover is better?

What kind of sofa cover is better?

The sofa cover is a tool used to protect the sofa, which can prevent the sofa fabric from turning black and dirty. Sofas on the market are now mainly divided into two types: detachable and non-detachable. The detachable sofa cover is convenient for regular cleaning and can also be replaced as often as you like. The non-removable sofa cover is not easy to mess up, and it does not need to be cleaned frequently. The two types of sofa covers have their own advantages, the is to choose according to their actual needs.

Cotton sofa covers are better. The advantage of the cotton sofa cover is that the hand feel is better than that of other materials, it is comfortable to sit on, and the style is concise and generous. Different patterns can be selected according to the style of the living room and even the color of the ceiling, wall and floor, which is very good for interior decoration. With the foil effect. And no pilling, easy to clean. Compared with many sofa covers made of other materials, the price is relatively cheap and the cost performance is very high.

The retouching effect of the sofa cover on the indoor environment is very large, and the important point that determines its retouching effect is the raw material of the sofa cover. When we choose the suitability of the sofa cover, the thing to consider is the raw material of the fabric, as well as the comfort, cost performance and practicality of the fabric. The common thing we come into contact with is all-cotton fabrics. The advantage of all-cotton is that it feels very good, and it is more cost-effective than materials such as plush or leather.

If you are worried that the sofa will be worn, it is actually very good to use a sofa cover, but you should also buy a suitable sofa cover, you can use cotton and linen sofa covers, because cotton and linen sofa covers are very environmentally friendly products. You can also use gauze sofa covers, because the sofa covers feel very elegant.