What is warp knitted fabric? What are the uses?


Warp-knitted fabric is knitted or woven by a warp-knitt […]

Warp-knitted fabric is knitted or woven by a warp-knitted textile process. One or several parallel yarns are fed from the warp direction of the textile machine and knitted into a warp knitted fabric. The form of looped yarn is called warp knitted fabric.
Warp-knitted fabrics are mainly used in swimwear, underwear, and sportswear, and have relatively few applications in fashion. With the continuous promotion of science and technology to the warp knitting industry, warp knitting products are developing in the direction of diversification, high-end and functionality, and the scope of application is also expanding. At the same time, the diversification of fashion styles requires a variety of fabrics, which opens up a huge space for the wide application of warp knitted fabrics in fashion. On the one hand, warp-knitted fabric itself may have a place in the fabric popularity of each season; on the other hand, it has a unique advantage in creating a fashionable silhouette, contrasting changes in appearance and texture effects.