What is the difference between warp and weft knitted fabrics? (2)


1. The difference in production volume: warp-knitting-o […]

1. The difference in production volume: warp-knitting-only a certain batch can be produced, weft-knitting can be produced in small batches (even 1 kg).
Contrast between the two, warp knitting: a group of yarns (warp yarns) along the direction of cloth formation are wound around to form a cloth warp knitting machine. The knitting machines are generally arranged in a wide width. The needles of each crochet needle drive a yarn and Neighboring yarns are wrapped in sets.
2. The weft knitted fabric has stretchability, curling property, looseness, etc. Because the warp knitting fabric is formed with a loop back knot, the structure is stable, and some elasticity and small warp knitting and weft knitting use crochet to wind the yarn. Knitted sets are collectively referred to as knitted fabrics, often corresponding to knitted fabrics are woven fabrics, also known as woven fabrics (fabrics composed of yarns that have a cross relationship).
3. Fabric-forming mechanism, warp-knitting: a group of yarns (warp yarns) along the fabric-forming direction are wound into a cloth from left to right, and weft-knitting: a yarn (weft yarn) perpendicular to the fabric-forming direction is wound up and down into a cloth.