What is the difference between warp and weft knitted fabrics? (1)


Both warp knitting and weft knitting use crochet to wra […]

Both warp knitting and weft knitting use crochet to wrap the yarn into sets, which are collectively called knitted fabrics.
So how to distinguish the two?
1. The difference between the extensibility of the fabric: warp knitting-limited elongation, usually a little in the horizontal direction, almost no longitudinal direction, weft knitting-longitudinal and lateral directions have better extensibility
2. The difference of fabric dismantling: warp knitting-not easy to dismantle, weft knitting-easy to dismantle.
3. Differences in equipment debugging and transformation: warp-knitting-adjusting varieties are complicated, time is more expensive, weft-knitting-adjusting varieties are simple, and the efficiency is high.
4. The difference in production efficiency: warp knitting-only weave (weave) flat fabrics, only semi-finished products, weft knitting-can produce flat and cylindrical fabric rolls, can be woven into garments, garment pieces and forming fabric.