What is the difference between single-sided striped velvet and double-sided velvet?


Color striped velvet can be understood from the name an […]

Color striped velvet can be understood from the name and we can clearly know the basic style and color of this fabric. Although this fabric is applied in few scenes, its effect is still displayed.
Color striped velvet, there are actually many types, we are mainly using double-sided, its production process is not the most complicated, but it is also a certain degree of difficulty.
The pattern formed on the surface of the single-sided fabric is very smooth, and the knitting line can be clearly seen, and the structure of the fabric can be clearly felt when you scratch it with your fingers. On the other side of the cloth are tiny loops made of wire, and you can clearly feel the change of the wire when you touch it. The products made by this kind of fabric are mainly towel products. If the fabric's production process is more detailed, it can be used more widely.
Double-sided fabrics are better than single-sided fabrics in terms of texture and weight, and double-sided fabrics can increase heat preservation performance. In some products, he will reduce the length of the velvet, so that it can increase the appearance of the old product without affecting the use.
Whether it is double-sided or single-sided fabric, the manufacturing process used for coloring is the same. The simplest way to color this fabric is pure color, and the simplest color is stripe rendering, which can increase the color of the product and make it more variegated.
Through the comparison of single-sided color striped velvet and double-sided velvet, it is clear that no matter what kind of fabric is applied properly, it can create different products.