What is the difference between polyester taffeta, pongee, nylon and taslon?

Summary: 1. From the raw materials:Polyester taffeta is 100% polyester, which is used for lining; pongee is also 100% polyester,...
1. From the raw materials:
Polyester taffeta is 100% polyester, which is used for lining; pongee is also 100% polyester, with low grades and many varieties; nylon fabric is what we call nylon fabric, which is made of nylon; taslon is also full Nylon textile fabric.
2. From the perspective of weaving:
The weaving method of polyester taffeta and nylon spinning is the same, which belongs to the one-on-one weave.
Although Taslon's weave is one-up and one-down, its warp direction is particularly thick, at least twice as thick as his weft direction. Taslon in cotton is called grosgrain.
The weaving method of pongee is roughly the same as that of polyester taffeta. This is not easy to distinguish, but it can be easily distinguished from the following other methods.
3. From the feel:
Polyester taffeta is more similar to nylon spinning. Pongee has a soft feel and taslon has astringent feel.
In the comparison, we use the fabric burning method to distinguish nylon and polyester first. Nylon belongs to Taslon and nylon spun; polyester belongs to polyester taffeta and pongee; Needless to say, nylon and taslon. However, the distinction between polyester taffeta and pongee is different in terms of feel. The most important thing is "split." But Pong Yafang does not; when you do not tear the fabric, you can pull it along the warp direction of the cloth. With a little force, the polyester taffeta will "split", but Pong Yafang will not.