What is the difference between coral velvet, velvet and flannel?

Summary:Weaving process is different:1. Before weaving, the flannel fabric is made by dyeing the wool, adding the primary color ...

Weaving process is different:
1. Before weaving, the flannel fabric is made by dyeing the wool, adding the primary color wool and knitting it. The twill weave and plain weave techniques are adopted. At the same time, the wool is processed by shrinking and brushing. And compact features.
2. Velvet products have special requirements for the twist of the pile yarn. When using cotton yarn, it is required to have a low twist and a small unevenness in the twist of the cotton yarn. At the same time, when weaving velvet fabrics, the ground yarn should be arranged in two different twist directions, while the pile yarn should be arranged in the same twist direction, which helps to improve the quality and feel of the velvet surface .
3. The fabric of coral velvet uses polyester fiber as the raw material. The weaving process mainly undergoes heating, deformation, cooling, shaping, etc. The weaving process is also being improved and upgraded year by year, and new processes are continuously added to make the fabric have a richer level Sense and rich colors.
Weaving materials are different:
1. Velvet is a pile loop of silk or rayon. Both warp and weft are degummed or semi-degummed, dyed, woven after weaving. Raw materials: silk + cotton.
2. Coral velvet is a new type of fabric with delicate texture and soft touch, which is not easy to shed. Common coral fleece is made of polyester microfiber.
3. Flannel generally refers to a woolen fabric with mixed flowers made of mixed color carded wool yarn, with a soft and smooth feel, high grammage, and good warmth retention. Raw materials: wool + other blended wool fabrics.