What is the difference between coral fleece and fleece?

Summary:Today, I will talk about the difference between coral fleece and fleece. Haining Chuangxing Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. will...

Today, I will talk about the difference between coral fleece and fleece. Haining Chuangxing Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. will introduce the difference between coral fleece and fleece.
Fleece is a new type of heating fabric in recent years, and it is a new product made of knitting fleece made of pullon. The water absorption function is very good, three times that of cotton products. The fine-density silk has a small bending modulus, so the fabric is excellent. Fabric features: Shake down the grain, dense, not easy to fall off, pilling, soft, clear texture, loose inertia is particularly good. It feels good, even when heated, and there is no sweat to respond, this is a good warm necessity. The admiral will be less than half the normal material than coral fleece. The entrance of the baby bed and the fleece fabric have passed a special resolution, such as anti-static, non-toxic, no harmful muscles, no comfort, no static, beautiful appearance, bright colors, not easy to pilling. Even if it's pilling, we can look at how to handle the pilling of coral fleece clothing.
Shu cotton velvet is also a kind of coral velvet, but the biggest difference is that Shu cotton velvet is longer than coral velvet and has a higher grammage. It feels more hard. The normal nickname of coral velvet is coral velvet. Because coral fleece is higher than wool fleece and hard. Fabric characteristics: detailed texture, hard feel, no hair, no pilling. Coral fleece is called coral fleece because of its high fiber density, coral shape, and good cover. It likes the soft posture of coral and is colorful. Let us show the difference between their simple coral velvet, Shu cotton velvet and fleece. Its thickness is equivalent to conservative cotton knitted velvet. This is a new type of fabric. Do not rub, the first time the cold disassembly and washing are not in contact, it can be machine washed. Overseas is just the rise of cotton bathrobes, not commodities. Indicate that the washing and washing are cold, the inner barrel of the washing machine, please put it in your pocket. A pile of fleece mills rolled fleece. Coral fleece, fleece is normal, pure polyester material is very suitable for robe, but in most normal or coral fleece robe.