What is the daily maintenance of coral plush toys?


From ancient times to the present, toys have been every […]

From ancient times to the present, toys have been everyone’s childhood playmates. They are the primary members of children to build their own dream kingdom. They are irreplaceable, especially modern plush toys, which are resistant to falls and beloved, and can be at the mercy of their owners. , The harm to children is small, and it is the first choice for parents to choose toys. It is extremely special that children nowadays are born in an international world where everyone around them feels "cute", and the beloved coral plush toys are indispensable of.

Anyone who has touched it knows what raw materials the stuffed toy is made of. Any object will be dirty if it is placed in the air for a long time, but if it is exposed to the air for a long time, it will get dirty. After that, it is not easy to clean. How to make the toy not easy to get dirty and prolong its lifespan? When buying a toy, don't throw it away, whether it is a paper box or a plastic bag, so that it can be used to pack dust during storage. In humid climate areas, in order to prevent toys from getting wet, a desiccant can be placed during storage. Stuffed toys should be stored as far as possible to avoid backlogs to avoid deformation and damage.

This is not a good way. Children’s curiosity and interest can be described as changing rapidly. In the process of playing, they only know that they are happy or not that clean is hard to come by. Moreover, soft toys like coral velvet may be influenced by cartoons. The influence of the factory is only made. So we can put it away like this after the child has played cleaning, and then we can give it to other children or as a souvenir when the baby grows up, and it will look pleasing to the eye.