What factors affect the softness and smoothness of flannel fabrics?

Summary:Nowadays, the quality of flannel fabrics in the flannel fabric market is very different. When some clothing factories ar...

Nowadays, the quality of flannel fabrics in the flannel fabric market is very different. When some clothing factories are choosing fabrics, most of them only pay attention to the price difference, not too much attention to the difference in fabric quality. Good flannel fabrics are thick, smooth and firm, while poor quality flannel fabrics are much better in the department's characteristics.

The second reason lies in the zero point: one is the difference in raw materials, and the other is the difference in printing, dyeing and textile technology. First, the raw materials of polyester flannel fabrics are mainly flat, low-stretch yarns of ultra-fine denier fibers. The normal specification is 75D/288F. However, because there are many raw material chemical companies at present, there is a major overcapacity, and the price cooperation between companies is very strong. When some companies are choosing POY APIs, they choose inferior and low-priced APIs, and reduce the process line when texturing, which causes the raw materials for weaving flannel to be scattered. Therefore, the quality of the original fabrics often differs greatly.

Secondly, in the process of printing, dyeing and textile printing, in order to attract more depositors, printing companies are also tweaking the prices of products in order to reduce process lines and increase profits. The lubrication and hardness of the flannel are mainly related to the ironing process. The two ironing must always be guaranteed, and the time cannot be short and the measurement can not be low. The ability of the fabric to make such a process guarantees the quality. On the contrary, in order to increase profits, some companies only burn the front line, extend the time and increase the measurement, and the quality of the processed goods is not guaranteed. Therefore, when the terminal processing company is choosing fabrics, they cannot always only look at the price and ignore the quality differences. As long as the supplier offers high prices, they will eventually get their depositors and goods.