What are the types of fabrics?

Summary: 1. Organic Chemical Textile Chemical Fiber1) Recycled fiberHis organic chemical composition is the same as pure natural...
1. Organic Chemical Textile Chemical Fiber
1) Recycled fiber
His organic chemical composition is the same as pure natural methyl cellulose, but the physical structure has long been changed, so it is called reconstituted cellulose fiber. Such as viscose fiber, acetate fiber, cupra fiber, etc., the key production and manufacture of viscose fiber in our country. Recycled fiber has the characteristics of soft touch, good gloss, good water absorption, good air permeability, good coloring properties, and resistance to fading. The disadvantage is that the wet color fastness is poor, that is, the compressive strength is reduced after exposure to water.
2), man-made fiber
Man-made fibers are synthetic fibers made from man-made, linear polymers with suitable relative molecular mass and dissolvable (or fusible) properties, which are made by spinning, forming and post-processing. Generally, this kind of polymer with fiber-forming properties is called fiber-forming polymer. Compared with chemical fibers and synthetic fibers, the raw materials of man-made fibers are made by man-made synthetic methods, and manufacturing will not be restricted by natural conditions.
In addition to the general advantages of synthetic fibers, such as high compressive strength, light weight, easy-to-wash and quick-drying, good ductility, and no fear of mildew, different types of man-made fibers have some unique characteristics. Common man-made fibers are polyester cloth, cotton fiber, nylon, vinylon, polypropylene cloth, spandex yarn and so on.
2. Pure natural textile chemical fiber
1), pure cotton cloth
Pure cotton cloth is a kind of woven fabric with pure cotton yarn as the raw material. Because the specifications and models of the mechanism are different, the production and processing methods are different and different types are derived. Pure cotton cloth has the characteristics of soft and comfortable clothing, cold and warmth, moisture absorption, strong breathability, and easy printing and dyeing production and processing. Because of its pure natural characteristics, it has long been loved by everyone and has become a basic tool that cannot be lacked in daily life. . There are many types of cotton cloth, and the key types are city cloth, fine cloth, old coarse cloth, pyridine, khaki, gabardine, direct tribute, twill, poplin, hemp yarn, seersucker, corduroy, thread, velvet cloth and so on.
2) Linen yarn
Hemp yarn is a fabric made of various hemp fiber materials such as linen, ramie, jute, sisal, and abaca. Products made of hemp yarn have the characteristics of fresh breathability, softness, comfort, washing resistance, sun resistance, corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties. But it also has the defects that it is not very comfortable to wear, its appearance is not smooth, and it is jerky. Hemp yarn is generally used to make casual clothes, work clothes, and can also be used to make plastic packaging, fashion handbags, and craft products.
3), real silk fabric
Silk fabrics generally refer to mulberry silk, including mulberry silk fabrics, tussah silk, castor silk, cassava silk and so on. Silk fabric is called the "Queen of Chemical Fibers" and has been favored by people since ancient times for its distinctive style. Silk fabrics belong to protein fibers, and silk fibroin contains 18 kinds of carbohydrates that are beneficial to the body. Mulberry silk chemical fiber is the only pure natural polyester chemical fiber that has been specifically used.
4), knitted fabric
Knitted fabrics refer to materials and wool yarns, including wool velvet, wool velvet, rabbit hair, duck feather, goose feather and other small animal velvet, various materials and yarns made by modern cotton textile production technology. Knitted fabrics can be divided into three types: woollen fabric, woollen fabric fabric and plush. Woollen fabric is woven with combed wool yarn, woollen fabric is woven with carded wool yarn, and plush is a pile spinning with bobbing. Things.