What are the types of curtain fabrics?


The fabrics of curtain fabrics include pure cotton, hem […]

The fabrics of curtain fabrics include pure cotton, hemp, polyester, and silk, or they can be woven by mixing raw materials.
1. Cotton has good breathability, comfortable to wear, but easy to wrinkle, fade easily, poor elasticity, easy to mold, but resistant to insects.
2. Hemp is similar to cotton fabric, with smooth and smooth cloth surface, good air permeability; greater thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity than cotton fabric, tough, sweat-absorbent, and body-cooling; good mold resistance, good water resistance, and not easy to be eroded by water. It has low sensitivity to acids and alkalis, and its elasticity is the worst among natural fibers.
3. Polyester has high strength and elasticity. It is not only firm and durable, but also wrinkle-resistant. Hygroscopicity, easy to wash and quick dry. The strength does not deform after wet. The permeability and resistance to melting are poor. The disadvantage is that the fabric blended with cotton, wool and viscose fiber is improved. Good wear resistance and thermoplasticity.
4. The silk has good luster, the fabric is soft, suitable for summer clothes, good hygroscopicity, and wearing healthy. Disadvantages are shrinkage and wrinkle, pay attention to the storage of clothing, acid detergent for washing.