What are the specific characteristics of cotton gauze?


What are the advantages of cotton gauze fabrics, that i […]

What are the advantages of cotton gauze fabrics, that is, what are the specific characteristics of pure cotton grey fabrics?
1. Promote sleep. Cotton comes from nature, and pure cotton gauze is soft and comfortable. It has the experience of entering nature, and the user enters a deep sleep state.
2. No electrostatic induction. Cotton is a pure natural fiber, which is not easy to generate static electricity.
3. The smell is fresh and natural. Pure cotton yarn is a kind of natural green environmental protection material, without other chemical additives, because of the abnormal smell, it does not harm the body.
4. Strong heat storage capacity. Under sunlight, the plant fiber's ductility is restored, the heat storage is large, the thickness increases, the heat storage energy is gradually released, and the heat preservation performance is good.

5. Applicable to a wide range of people. Middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant women, infants, young children, adolescents, chemical fiber have allergies, life pressure or long-term lack of sleep, long-term or short-term sub-health state.
6. Good air permeability. Cotton plant fiber is a natural product, the fiber is long and flexible, not easy to break, and not easy to impact the environment due to the loose fluff.
7. Cotton fiber has strong flexibility. It is not easy to break, and the fine hairs will not be scattered.
8. Strong water absorption capacity. In this aspect, Run Cotton Yarn will develop and manufacture new products of pure cotton yarn and make natural cotton yarn satisfying customers.