What are the factors that affect the softness and smoothness of flannel fabrics?


Now, the wool fabrics on the market have very different […]

Now, the wool fabrics on the market have very different flannel fabric quality. Some garment factories are choosing fabrics, focusing on different price differences and not paying too much attention to the quality of fabrics. High-quality flannel fabric, solid texture, smooth, solid, poor quality, flannel fabric is superior to department stores. The non-essential reason is zero: at the top of the list, the difference between API and the two is the difference in textile printing and dyeing processes.
The first is that polyester flannel raw materials need to be non-low-elastic fiber, 75D/288f is normal, but due to the big eyes of chemical raw material manufacturers, large enterprises have overcapacity, and price cooperation is fierce. Some companies use POY API to select raw materials The quality and low price. Exploded thread and narrow thread, the raw material is not interlaced to form the flannel, so the difference of the fabric is often the original fabric quality.
The second is the textile printing and dyeing process. In order to attract more depositors, printing companies are to reduce the price of products, adjust assembly line technology, and increase profits. Lubricated, weak flannel must be closely linked to the ironing and ironing process. It has always been necessary to ensure that there is no short time and no low-level measurement, so as to ensure the quality of the fabric. On the contrary, in order to increase profits, some enterprises only do the previous ironing, time extension, metered addition, processed goods, and manual quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, terminal processing companies are choosing fabrics, not always looking at the price, not only the quality is poor, and love will also supply suppliers, will get their own depositors and products.