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What are the fabrics for sofa covers?

What are the fabrics for sofa covers?

Sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture in the living room, but after buying a sofa, many people will make sofa covers. At this time, when considering making sofa covers, there are actually many kinds of fabrics. In order to choose the favorite material, you need to know in advance, so how to choose What about the sofa cover?

1. Cotton sofa cover, and the advantage of this sofa cover is that it is very comfortable and not easy to peel off. Compared with some sewing fabrics, sofa fabrics are much cheaper, and the price-performance ratio is always cotton. The characteristic of sofa cover is that among many sofa cover fabrics, cotton yarn cover is also the common and widely used sofa cover fabric.

2. The characteristic of chenille sofa covers is that, compared with other fabrics, general chenille sofa covers give people a more luxurious and luxurious feeling. The chenille sofa cover has a fuller velvet leather that is very comfortable. But the chenille sofa cover fabric is also good. That said, the price is higher and the chenille sofa covers are not easy to handle and wash after dyeing.

Fiber sofa cover cloth, but modern people pay more and more attention to health, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection awareness, and in terms of sofa cover cloth, people will pay more attention to and enjoy environmental protection sofa cover cloth, the emergence of plant fiber sofa cover cloth is extremely The earth meets the environmental protection needs of sofa cover fabrics. In addition, the fabrics of plant fiber sofa cover also have the advantages of sweat absorption, air permeability and economy.