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What are the different types of artificial leather base fabrics?

What are the different types of artificial leather base fabrics?

There are several different types of artificial leather base fabrics, each type has different characteristics and applicable scenarios:

Coated base fabric: This base fabric is the most common type and is usually made from materials such as polyester, nylon, or cotton. Coated base fabric is made of artificial leather by coating the surface with a layer of synthetic materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU). This kind of base fabric has good softness and wear resistance, and is suitable for making shoes, bags, furniture, etc.
Non-woven base fabric: Non-woven base fabric is a non-woven fabric made of fibers through hot pressing, chemical or mechanical methods, and its surface can be used to coat artificial leather materials. Non-woven base fabric is light, soft and breathable, and is often used to make clothing, car interiors, etc.
Woven base fabric: The woven base fabric is woven by the shuttle on the loom shuttle between the weft yarn and warp yarn. Different fiber materials can be used, such as polyester, nylon, etc. Woven base fabric has good strength and durability and is suitable for making artificial leather products that require higher strength, such as industrial leather, car seats, etc.

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Knitted base fabric: Knitted base fabric is knitted by loops of needle hooks on a knitting machine. Commonly used fiber materials include polyester, nylon, etc. Knitted base fabric is soft and elastic, and is suitable for making products with high stretch requirements, such as casual shoes, sportswear, etc.
Composite base fabric: Composite base fabric is made by combining different types of base fabrics through coating, hot pressing and other methods to obtain better performance characteristics. For example, combining coated base fabric with non-woven or woven base fabric can improve the strength and wear resistance of the product, and is suitable for making high-end artificial leather products.

Each type of artificial leather base fabric has its unique advantages and scope of application. Manufacturers can choose the appropriate base fabric type based on the requirements of the final product.