What are the coups for cleaning curtains? (2)

Summary:1. Roller blinds or soft finished curtains This kind of curtain is a kind of curtain that is used more frequently in the...

1. Roller blinds or soft finished curtains This kind of curtain is a kind of curtain that is used more frequently in the family. To clean, close the window first, spray an appropriate amount of water or polish on it, and then dry it with a rag, so that the curtains will remain clean and bright for a long time. The drawstring of the curtain can be gently wiped with a soft bristle brush. If the curtains are dirty, you can use a cloth dipped in warm water to dissolve the detergent, or wipe with a little ammonia solution. Some parts are glued together. Be careful not to get water in these parts. Some higher-end finished curtains can be waterproof, so you don't need to be especially careful with water.
2. The blinds are usually swept with a cloth or brush. After a few months, the curtains can be taken off and wiped with a damp cloth, or use a mild detergent (such as detergent or washing powder, etc.) to scrub with water. After it is completely dry, use release agent to spray each rope and brake position once or twice.
3. Finished bamboo and wood curtains are recommended to be sprayed with mold release cleaner before use (furniture protection wax is also acceptable), wipe with a dry cloth or lightly stroked with wool every 1-3 months. Do not wipe with a damp cloth to avoid leaving marks. Some wooden roller blinds really need to be washed with water, apply a soft brush and a moderate detergent (such as detergent or washing powder, etc.), then rinse with running water, dry after wiping (not exposed to the sun, otherwise it will easily fade) .
4. Fabric sofa After buying the new sofa, it is recommended to spray the cloth surface cleaner, which can form a protective film on each fiber to prevent dirt and oil and water adsorption. Generally, dust and residue should be cleaned up every 3 months or half a year. If there is dirt, it needs to be cleaned up immediately. Dust removal is generally done with a vacuum cleaner, but be careful not to damage the sofa. If you want to clean up the dirt, you can use a foam care agent to spray on the dirt. After 10 minutes, when the dirt is dissolved but not completely dry, wipe it with a clean wet sponge or brush. If there is stubborn dirt, repeat it several times Such a process.