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What are the cleaning methods and maintenance skills for curtains?

What are the cleaning methods and maintenance skills for curtains?

The method of cleaning curtains.
Different types of curtains have different cleaning methods. Plain cloth: Some curtains are made of ordinary cloth, which can be wiped dry with a damp cloth or can be washed with water or a washing machine according to the traditional method, and a neutral detergent is added. Fabrics that tend to shrink should be dry-cleaned as much as possible to avoid bulking up. Canvas curtains or linen curtains: This kind of curtain is difficult to dry after washing, so it is not suitable to wash it directly in water. It is recommended to wipe it with a mixture of sponge, soap solution, ammonia water, etc. dipped in warm water, and roll it up after drying.

For the hood, also pay attention. Window and curtain: Wet the side curtains with water, then wash with warm water or soda, then wash twice with warm detergent water or soap, rub lightly when cleaning, and rinse with water. When drying, it should be placed on a clean table, let it air dry, or dry on the frame. After the laundry is dry, use a thumbtack to locate it, and then iron it with an iron.

Some parts cannot be washed with water. Roller or soft-finished curtains: These types of curtains are currently used in many households. Before cleaning, close the windows, spray an appropriate amount of water or polishing agent, and then dry them with a rag to keep the curtains clean and bright. . At the drawstring of the curtain, gently wipe with soft bristles. If the curtains are dirty, you can use a rag dipped in some warm water-dissolved detergent, or wipe with a small amount of ammonia solution. Some parts are glued. Note that water cannot enter these places. Some high-end finished curtains can be waterproof and do not need special care. Use water.

Second, what maintenance skills are there.
Curtains should be regularly dusted and cleaned. Generally speaking, curtains should be dusted once a week, and special attention should be paid to removing the dust between the fabric structures. Different curtains need different cleaning methods: ordinary curtains can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, while shrinkable fabrics or imported high-grade fabrics are recommended for dry cleaning. Do not use detergents containing bleaching ingredients to clean the curtains. It should be cleaned regularly every six months. Try not to dehydrate and dry, and choose to air dry naturally, so as not to damage the unique texture of the curtains.

For the maintenance of the curtain, we should pay attention to vacuuming it frequently in daily life to avoid dust accumulation over time, and it should be caught and cleaned every six months. Do not use bleach when cleaning, and the water temperature should be controlled below 30°C. Do not put it into the washing machine to dehydrate and dry, and let it dry naturally, so as not to damage the texture of the curtain itself. If you feel that washing is troublesome or some curtains need to be dry cleaned due to material problems, they can also be sent to a dry cleaner to avoid deformation and distortion. Some curtains also need to pay attention to the use of detergents. No matter what kind of fabric curtains are cleaned, you must take out the curtain accessories, such as window hooks, Roman curtain bottom iron, etc. And the decorations on the curtains, such as small hanging balls, hand-woven fabrics, etc., as long as they are wiped with a soft cloth, generally do not touch water to avoid quality problems. The above part is about the cleaning and maintenance of curtains. I believe that everyone has some bottom line after reading it.