What are the characteristics of polyester knitted fabrics?

Summary: 1. Strong heat resistanceAmong chemical fiber fabrics, polyester knitted fabrics have relatively good heat resistance a...
1. Strong heat resistance
Among chemical fiber fabrics, polyester knitted fabrics have relatively good heat resistance and strong plasticity. For example, we use knitted polyester fabric to make pleated skirts. Because of the characteristics of the fabric, you can maintain good pleats without excessive ironing.
2. Good light resistance
Knitted polyester fabrics are generally exposed to the sun, so there is basically no need to worry about drying out the clothes, and there will be no problems, because its light fastness is relatively strong, which can be comparable to acrylic.
3. Good flexibility
Knitted polyester fabric has better elasticity. Knead the fabric vigorously into different shapes. After letting go, it can quickly return to its original shape without leaving wrinkles. This advantage is not available in other fabrics. From this point of view, clothes made of knitted polyester fabrics are durable, wrinkle-resistant and non-iron, and polyester is indeed a rare outerwear material.
4. Strong chemical resistance
Knitted polyester fabric has strong chemical resistance, which makes the clothes made of it have strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion. Therefore, bleaching agents and oxidizing agents basically do not play much role in this kind of fabric. Polyester clothes are not afraid of mold and insects. This is also one of its advantages. However, this feature also makes the dyeing of polyester fabrics very difficult, and once the dyeing is successful, it will not fade easily.
5. Poor hygroscopicity
Clothes made of polyester fabrics do not absorb sweat very much. They feel a bit stuffy when worn, and are prone to static electricity and dust. But at this point, clothes made of polyester fabrics are not easy to deform and dry after washing.