What are the applications of printing and nylon dyeing carpet?


It is made of tufted carpet rugs. The piles are dominat […]

It is made of tufted carpet rugs. The piles are dominated by curved yarns, straight yarns, and loop piles. The printed carpets have rich patterns and bright colors. They are comparable to Axmins carpets and Wilton multicolor jacquard carpets. Printed carpets are made of raw materials, which have the characteristics of good carpet elasticity, high color fastness, mildew resistance, and insect resistance. They are suitable for public areas such as conference rooms, restaurants, and halls of major hotels, and can be used for space and floor decoration in guest rooms and offices.
Nylon-dyed carpets are tufted carpet-dyed carpets, and the carpet surface is composed of elbow yarn, loop pile jacquard, open loop combination and other forms. It has the characteristics of rich patterns, strong three-dimensional sense, large choice, and strong adaptability. Nylon horse-stained carpets are made of nylon. They have the functions of sound absorption and dirt resistance, non-slip and wear resistance, high color fastness, mildew and moth resistance, and are suitable for office spaces such as guest rooms, office buildings, offices, apartments, and computer rooms.