What are the advantages of flax?

Summary: The linen product line is diversified. At present, linen products are not limited to linen yarn, cloth, and summer mats...
The linen product line is diversified. At present, linen products are not limited to linen yarn, cloth, and summer mats, but have entered a diversified stage: linen pillow mats, linen bedspreads, linen curtains, linen table cloths, linen cushions, car cushions, neck pillows, linen shirts, casual trousers , Knitted T-shirts, knitted underwear, casual scarves, health-care socks, health-care insoles, linen casual shoes, murals, tapestries, etc. have long entered the homes of ordinary people. It has already been introduced to the market, and the supply is in short supply. Many people know that linen material is good, but in the end, what are the benefits of linen materials, but few people explain. There are many benefits of wearing linen clothes. Linen clothes have a good health effect on the human body, so they have been affected in the international and domestic markets. More and more consumers are favored. In summary, the advantages of linen clothes are as follows:
1. Linen clothes have a disease prevention effect
Linen clothes have high strength, good corrosion resistance, and are easy to absorb sweat and disperse dampness, so it is helpful to prevent the occurrence of some skin diseases, such as rashes and skin itching. In addition, compared with cotton fabrics, linen clothes are wet-spun, there is no burr phenomenon of dry spinning, and there is no irritation when worn next to the body. Therefore, in the hot summer, linen clothes are an ideal choice.
2. Linen clothes have a strong ability to absorb and disperse moisture
In the wet rainy season, if the wall coverings, tablecloths, curtains and bed sheets in the living room are replaced with linen fabrics, the humidity in the room can be effectively reduced. In the dry autumn and winter season, if you use linen cloth, the room will not be too dry. Linen cloth has a good effect on keeping the air humidity relatively constant.
3. Linen clothes can effectively reduce the harmful effects of magnetic fields on the human body
It has been reported that the staff on the Antarctic expedition are susceptible to strong magnetic fields, while those who wear linen clothes and use linen tents are in good physical condition and the impact is very small.
4. Linen clothes are not easy to carry static electricity and attract dust
Some hospitals and nursing homes use linen fabrics for mattresses and surgical gowns.
5. Inhibit bacteria   
Flax has a good effect of inhibiting bacteria and fungi, and can effectively prevent some diseases. According to research conducted by Japanese researchers, linen sheets can prevent bedsores in bedridden patients for a long time, and linen clothing can help prevent and treat certain skins, such as ordinary rashes and chronic eczema.
With the emergence of the trend of returning to innocence and advocating the concept of natural life, the hand-woven homespun and linen cloth, which have always been considered difficult to be elegant, have gradually received more and more flax products. Favored by fashionistas.