The difference between chenille carpet and fine fiber chenille

Summary:Chenille carpet is a kind of woven carpet. Its raw material is cotton. It feels soft and looks like corduroy. Because th...

Chenille carpet is a kind of woven carpet. Its raw material is cotton. It feels soft and looks like corduroy. Because the materials are available, the manufacturing is simple, the quotation is also relatively affordable, and the color is quite large, but it is not very resistant to dirt. The pictures are not rich enough and are usually suitable for family use.

Some people often don’t understand the difference between superfine fiber chenille and pure cotton chenille carpet. Because of the extremely fine size of superfine fiber, the stiffness of the silk is greatly reduced. The layered structure increases the specific surface area and capillary effect, so that the reflected light inside the fiber is spread more delicately on the surface, making it have a silk-like elegant luster and excellent moisture absorption and dissipation. The clothing made of ultra-fine fibers is comfortable, beautiful, warm, breathable, has good drape and fullness, and has obvious improvement in hydrophobicity and anti-fouling. It can plan different arrangements by using the characteristics of larger surface volume and softness. The structure allows it to absorb more sunlight heat or lose body temperature more quickly, which plays a role of warming in winter and cooling in summer.

Microfiber has a wide range of uses: the fabric made of it, after being sand washed, frosted and other high-end finishing, forms a layer similar to peach skin feathers, and is extremely bulky, soft and smooth. It is made of this fabric The high-end clothing, jackets, T-shirts, underwear, culottes, etc. are cool and comfortable, sweat-absorbent and not close to the body, rich in fragrant beauty; foreign countries use microfiber to make high-end artificial suede, which has the appearance, feel and personality of real leather, and it is cheap The quotation; because the super-insulated fiber is thin and soft, it can be used to make a clean cloth with excellent decontamination effect. It can scrub all kinds of glasses, film and television devices, and precision instruments without any damage to the mirror surface; the superfine fiber can also be used to make the appearance The lubricated ultra-high-density fabric is used to make sportswear for skiing, skating, swimming, etc., which can reduce resistance and help athletes invent outstanding results. In addition, ultra-fine fibers can also be used in filtration, medical and health, labor protection and other fields. Originally both are pure cotton texture, only the distinction between refined and not refined.