The advantages and disadvantages of velvet fabric


1. Advantages 1. The velvet has full fluff, fine textur […]

1. Advantages
1. The velvet has full fluff, fine texture, soft, comfortable to wear, and beautiful. It is elastic, does not shed hair, does not serve, has good water absorption performance, which is three times that of cotton products, and it does not stimulate the skin.
2. The velvet fluff or loop fits closely, the color is elegant, the fabric is firm and wear-resistant, not easy to fade, and has good elasticity.
3. Velvet products require high quality, low linear density, long length, and fine long-staple cotton with good maturity.
4. The delicate touch, smooth drape and elegant luster of velvet are still unmatched by other fabrics, so it has always been the favorite of fashion designers among luxury fabrics.

2. Disadvantages
1. Inadvertently folding up velvet clothing can easily damage the natural flow of the fluff, difficult to recover, and easy to have static electricity.
2. Due to the characteristics of velvet itself, the surface is composed of dense fluff. In the process of fabric production and processing, some fluff particles will remain on the clothes, which is inevitable. Generally speaking, it will be washed off in the previous washing, especially for dark clothes such as black, sapphire blue and carbon gray.