The first batch of “Zhejiang Export Base” was released


Recently, the Provincial Department of Commerce and the […]

Recently, the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Provincial Department of Finance announced the list of the first batch of “Zhejiang Export Bases”, and the county’s textile export base is on the list. This is what the reporter learned from the relevant departments yesterday.

    It is understood that the "Zhejiang Export Base" announced this time is valid for 3 years. The approved export base can be supported by the construction of foreign trade public service platform, including the equipment, technology and information materials for the construction of the public service platform in the base. Investment in software and other aspects, and priority to declare national export bases. "Our county has become a provincial-level textile export base, which will effectively improve the quality and level of foreign trade development, and provide a good platform for accelerating the county's foreign trade development mode and structural adjustment, actively promoting the construction of foreign trade public services, and enhancing the international competitiveness of the industry." The relevant person in charge of the County Economic and Information Technology Bureau said.

    Relying on the advantage of the textile industry, the county's textile export situation is strong. From January to November 2010, the county's textile exports reached US$6.65 billion, a year-on-year increase of 32.4%, a record high, and formed a textile trade promotion platform, creative platform and research and development. platform.