The 12th Five-Year Development Plan for Textile Industry Standardization


On January 12, the reporter learned from the Science an […]

On January 12, the reporter learned from the Science and Technology Development Department of China Textile Industry Association that the "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for Textile Industry Standardization" has been completed. This is to guide the standardization of China's textile industry during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, to better play the technical support and guarantee role of standardization in the construction of modern textile industry system, and to promote the scientific development of standardization work.
    The "Planning" requires that by 2015, the textile industry standardization strives to achieve: strengthen the standard formulation and revision work, the standard formulation cycle is controlled within 2 years, the age limit is controlled within 5 years, and the standard shortage and technical lag are basically solved, and the overall standard is improved. Level; solve the problem of standard coordination and support between the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, further optimize the standard system structure; increase the intensity of collection standards, and integrate the main technical indicators such as general basics and method standards with the international standards; optimize the configuration of standardization technical institutions to provide standardization work. Strong organizational guarantee; enhance the ability and level of substantive participation in international standardization work, propose or formulate corresponding international standards in the fields of silk, cashmere, testing methods, and human body measurement for clothing, and strive to bear more relevant technologies of the International Organization for Standardization. The work of the institutional secretariat and the convener of the working group.
    The “Planning” will strengthen the formulation of standards in key areas: in the field of textile materials, strengthen the development of various new types of textile materials, especially high-performance, differentiated, functional textile fibers and their qualitative and quantitative analysis methods. In the field of textiles, we will strengthen textile safety, eco-environmental protection, limit and detection of harmful substances, testing and evaluation of functional textiles, industrial textiles and supporting testing methods. In the field of clothing, we will strengthen the development of clothing CAD and children's wear safety standards. In the field of textile machinery, we will strengthen the development of textile machinery safety and the new generation of textile complete sets of equipment standards. In the area of ​​international standardization, we will strengthen the development of methods for measuring textiles and anthropometric methods for clothing. A total of 16 key projects.