Identification method of coral fleece fabric


Nowadays, coral fleece products on the market are becom […]

Nowadays, coral fleece products on the market are becoming more and more popular, and the types are becoming more and more complex. When consumers see a wide range of coral fleece products, they are troubled by the choice and cannot distinguish the quality of coral fleece. Here are some tips How to distinguish coral fleece:

1. Investigate the color
The high-quality coral fluff is smooth, neat, uniform in density, uniform in color, transparent and not dazzling; while inferior coral fluff is uneven in quality, messy distribution, rough texture, darker or beautiful and dazzling.

2. Smell close to the nose
High-quality coral fleece is tasteless; inferior coral fleece has a pungent taste.

3. Pull test pull
Hand pull the coral fleece quietly, the elastic one is high-quality coral fleece; perhaps pull out a few fleece from the edge of the coral fleece, moisten it with water, and then pull it quietly. If it is broken, it proves to be defective coral fleece.