How to wash the three major materials in fabrics


Super soft shearing plush editor knows that the three m […]

Super soft shearing plush editor knows that the three major materials of fabrics are hemp, woolen fabrics and cotton, and different materials should have different washing methods.

Hemp: As hemp fabric is a plant fiber, its characteristics are basically similar to cotton fabrics, only the surface of the hemp fabric is smoother and smoother, with elasticity, good air permeability, moisture absorption and heat dissipation. There are also special advantages:

1. Good anti-mold performance, good water resistance, not easy to be corroded by water and moldy.
2. The ironing temperature of linen fabric is 170~195 degrees, and it can be ironed directly after spraying water.
3. Low sensitivity to acid and alkali, the elasticity of hemp fiber is the worst among various natural fibers;
4. The strength, thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity of hemp plants are greater than cotton fabrics, tough, durable, sweat-absorbent and cool;

The maintenance method of wool fabric is similar to that of cotton. After washing, you don't need to wring the water and hang it to dry directly.
Cotton: Plant fiber, the main advantages are good moisture absorption, good breathability, and comfortable wearing, but cotton is easy to wrinkle, can not be dyed with bright colors, easy to fade, fast aging, washing will shrink to a certain extent, poor elasticity, poor resistance, alkali resistance Strong, easy to mold, but resistant to insects.