How to maintain curtains?


Wash! Someone told me that the curtains in their house […]

Someone told me that the curtains in their house have never been cleaned after they are bought, but they are a little expert in hiding dirt at home, and there are all kinds of dust mites you can imagine. Today I secretly revealed the top ten curtain brands How to maintain the curtains!
The core effect of cleaning brand curtains is nothing more than "dust removal" and "sterilization".
1. Admission protection Wear gloves, shoe covers, masks, and spread protective cloth to protect the floor (work area with waterproof cloth).
2. Vacuum the front and back of the front and back dust, the curtains are hung naturally, one hand touches the curtains, and the other hand operates the device from top to bottom to slowly suck the curtain dust.
3. The agent is pre-sprayed. Add the agent to the pre-spray equipment and spray evenly on the front and back of the curtain. The amount of pre-spray is evaluated by the fabric.
4. Neutralize the cleaning agent by spraying and extracting, and show the cleaning effect to customers. Step 5: Use high-temperature steam for high-temperature ironing to smooth the wrinkles of curtains and quickly kill bacteria.