How to confirm coral fleece fabric?


Coral fleece fabric is a new-style textile fabric with […]

Coral fleece fabric is a new-style textile fabric with bright colors, outstanding coverage and coral. Coral fleece fabric has fine texture, soft hand, no hair, no pilling, no fading, good water absorption, three times as much as cotton products. It has no effect on the skin and is not allergic. Beautiful shape and rich colors.
Characteristics of coral fleece fabric:
Coral fleece fabric has a beautiful appearance and rich colors. This is a newly developed cotton bathrobe and not a product. It has fine texture, soft hand feeling, no ball, no fading, and excellent water absorption function, which is three times that of cotton products. But due to the principle of weaving, fine wool. It has no effect on the skin and is not allergic.
Coral fleece fabrics have many varieties. According to different specifications, coral fleece fabrics can be divided into different varieties:
1. Depending on the woven warp yarn, the warp yarn weaving is called coral fleece. It is called weft coral fleece.
2. According to different hair appearances, it can be divided into single-sided coral velvet and double-sided coral velvet.
3. According to the color difference, it can be divided into plain coral fleece and coral fleece printing.
Coral fleece fabric skills:
In recent years, coral fleece fabrics have been in the process of breaking through continuous product improvement and promotion. The new original technology "cutting", "spraying, printing, embossing" adds depth to the originally monotonous picture.
The process flow of coral fleece fabric is POY raw yarn, roller feeding, heating box, heating deformation, cooling, false twist, two roller feeding, two heating boxes heating, forming, three-roller feeding, oil feeding, DTY winding forming.