How to clean the plush pillow?

Summary: Plush pillows are widely used in modern home life due to their comfort and practical value. Plush pillows are easily st...
Plush pillows are widely used in modern home life due to their comfort and practical value. Plush pillows are easily stained with some dust due to their special materials during use. At the same time, the cleaning process of plush pillows is very troublesome. It is easy to clean, so how to wash the plush pillow? What are the techniques for the plush pillow cleaning process to keep the plush pillow from being deformed and its softness unchanged?
As people continue to pursue high-quality lifestyles, plush pillows are being used more and more in modern home decoration. The soft plush pillow is the favorite of girls, but it is easy to get dust in the process of using the plush pillow. How to wash the plush pillow has become a more headache, so what are the cleaning methods for the plush pillow? ?
Coarse salt and plastic bag
First prepare the coarse salt and a large plastic bag, put the dirty plush pillow into the plastic bag, put an appropriate amount of coarse salt, and then tie the plastic mouth, shake it vigorously for a few minutes, the plush pillow will be To become clean, remember that this method is not washing but sucking. Coarse salt will turn black due to the absorption of dust and dirt, and it also has the effect of killing bacteria and viruses. This method can also be used for cleaning plush toys, plush collars, cushions, etc.
Silk and wool detergent, soft brush
First put water and silk wool detergent in the basin, after stirring the rich foam, use a soft brush moistened with the foam to clean the surface of the plush pillow. Be careful not to get too much water on the brush. After brushing the surface of the plush pillow, wrap the plush toy with a bath towel, and then place it in a basin full of water for pressure washing. Finally, put the plush pillow into a water basin with softener to soak properly, so as to better maintain the comfort and aesthetics of the plush pillow.
baking soda
First buy an appropriate amount of baking soda, put the baking soda and the dirty plush pillow into a large plastic bag, and then tighten the plastic bag and shake it for a few minutes. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the surface of the plush pillow has changed. It is much cleaner. The soda powder becomes gray-black due to the dust on the surface of the plush pillow. Finally, take out the plush pillow and shake off the soda powder. This method is more suitable for some plush pillows that are troublesome to wash, or some larger plush pillows.
Machine wash
If you are using machine washable plush pillow, it is best to put it in a special laundry bag, and then choose the washing method to wash. When drying, you can tap the plush pillow to make the fur and fillings fluffy and softer. The shape of the pillow will be better restored to its original shape. In the cleaning process, an appropriate amount of detergent can be put in for disinfection treatment to achieve the functions of antibacterial and anti-mite.
The longer the plush pillow is used, the more bacteria will exist on its surface and inside. If only clean water is used for cleaning, it is difficult to achieve antibacterial and anti-mite effects. You can put an appropriate amount of detergent or disinfectant in the clean water Sun exposure is the simplest and most labor-saving sterilization method for plush pillows, but it should be noted that this method is only suitable for lighter-colored plush pillows. Some plush pillow fabrics can cause problems such as fading. At the same time, please note that the sunlight through the glass will not have a sterilization effect.