How to clean jacquard velvet fabric?


The current fabrics have made great progress in both us […]

The current fabrics have made great progress in both use and function. The jacquard velvet fabric is reprocessed on the basis of the velvet fabric, making it more styles. How to clean it properly when it is dirty?
Jacquard velvet is colored velvet, so that it has more colors to choose from, so that it can not only be used in the production of clothes, but also can be used to make pillowcases, blankets, etc., but this kind of fabric is cleaned Be extra careful. This kind of fabric will be ironed by high-temperature steam during production, so there will be traces of steam ironing on the new fabric, which will disappear after a period of use, and will not affect normal use .
When cleaning items made of this kind of fabric, try not to wring the fabric hard, as it will damage the fabric and fluff during the wringing process. In the process of use, hair balls are often formed on the surface of the fabric due to various reasons. When this happens, do not pull the hair balls off forcibly. This will damage the fabric. You can cut the hair balls off with a blade or scissors. .
When using a washing machine to clean it, turn the fabric over and pull up the zipper of the zippered item. You can also put it in a laundry protective bag and adjust the washing mode to gentle cleaning. Can effectively reduce the damage to the fabric.
Jacquard velvet also follows this cleaning method when cleaning. If velvet can be used for a long time, it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning machine maintenance.