How to clean flannel fabric?


Flannel fabric is a suede fabric made of wool. Before s […]

Flannel fabric is a suede fabric made of wool. Before spinning, some wool is dyed and bleached another part of wool, which is woven by twill weaving. The flannel cleaning protection method needs to be studied carefully to increase the life. The raw material is wool flannel, which has a very plump texture, soft and smooth texture, fine pile, no fabric, etc. In order not to damage the fabric, an accurate method of washing is required.
How to wipe flannel introduction:
Neutral detergent should be used to wipe flannel, and bleaching agent should not be used, because bleaching agent contains chloride, which will damage the fabric material and cause yellow fabric. The proper way to clean is because there will be many problems in the cleaning process, so we should be more careful! After the neutral detergent is dissolved in warm water, soak the flannel for a few minutes and rub it with your hands quietly without using a brush. It will destroy the fluff of the fabric and cause the fluff to fall. After washing, wash with clean water, and it can be exposed in a ventilated place after dehydration.