How to clean and maintain cotton and linen clothing?

Summary:PicklingSalt water fixation, 84 disinfectantCotton and linen clothes are best not to use a washing machine, as cotton an...

Salt water fixation, 84 disinfectant
Cotton and linen clothes are best not to use a washing machine, as cotton and linen are soft. Stir vigorously with the washing machine, it is easy to deform and wrinkle, and the washing machine is very serious. If you really don’t have time, you can put the washed clothes in a laundry bag and wash them with the gentle washing machine.

Fading problem: When cotton and linen clothes are in the water several times for the first time, the floating color will decrease. The darker the color, the clearer the floating color. Don't worry the first time you see a pot of "ink water", it will become clear after changing the water a few times. Buyers who often wash clothes have had this kind of life experience. The method of fixing with salt water may not be able to see the effect quickly. Therefore, it is recommended that buyers do not wash in the first few times, nor use detergent or 84 disinfectant. And other damaged ingredients directly contact clothing.

(Recommended washing method) Pickling method. Need raw materials: edible vinegar
This initiative is mainly aimed at bright cotton clothing and knitwear such as red or purple. The method is to add ordinary vinegar in the washing water before washing these clothes! But the amount of vinegar cannot be too much. Otherwise, it is easy to dye light-colored clothes. If the clothes can be washed frequently, the color of the clothes will be as bright and clean as new! If the clothes fade, wash and rinse with two glasses of beer in clean water. The faded parts can be recolored.

Natural things are not very anti-wrinkle, of course we all admit that casual wrinkles are just the temperament of cotton and linen. In fact, they are best to take care of, spray some water locally, and the clothes will be smooth after the water is dry, and they have a good drape.
The air permeability of cotton and linen is better than ordinary clothes, so there is no need to worry about feeling hot in summer. Pure natural materials will not harm the skin, especially suitable for buyers who are prone to skin allergies.
What should I do if the white cotton clothes are washed more and more yellow? Cheat: Use a large pot to boil water, add detergent to soak the clothes, and cook for about 30 minutes to turn white.
Don't expose it to the sun. After washing, just dry it in the wind and it can be leveled without ironing.