How to choose finished curtains for skylights in the attic?

Summary:For those who like duplex buildings, the attic is essential. The finished curtain is a must-choice household item after ...

For those who like duplex buildings, the attic is essential. The finished curtain is a must-choice household item after installing the attic skylight. It can effectively adjust the indoor light and act as a cover to protect the owner's privacy. The choice of attic skylight curtains must not only conform to the overall decoration style of the attic, but also have the characteristics of convenience and flexibility, easy to disassemble and easy to clean.
What are the types of finished curtains for attic skylights?
1. The indoor full blackout curtains can achieve 100% shading and block 65% of the heat. It is suitable for the attic as a bedroom choice. Many consumers prefer composite attic skylight curtains, which have the functions of blackout curtains and pleated curtains, which can not only block heat and light, but also play a decorative effect. The indoor organ curtain has good heat insulation effect, making the home present a warm effect. Canopy-style loft skylight curtains are a good choice, with a light transmittance of 34% and blocking 62% of heat.
Tips for choosing finished curtains for attic skylights
1. Purchase of finished curtains for east skylight
The light from the east follows the sun and can gather a lot of light, the temperature changes from cool to high temperature, and the heat is also diffused. So choose venetian blinds and vertical blinds.
2. Purchase of finished curtains for the south skylight
There is plenty of light to the south, giving the house a golden hue. Therefore, day and night curtains are currently popular. During the day, it not only allows light, but also allows you to enjoy the scenery outside. Pull up the curtains, full of shading and strong privacy, satisfying the light environment all day.
Second, the purchase skills of skylight curtains with different functions
1. Curtains should have the function of protecting indoor furniture
When choosing curtains, you should protect the furniture from sun and ultraviolet rays. If it is a fabric curtain, use gauze and blackout curtains together.
2. The choice of curtain shading
The evening sun increases the room temperature, especially in summer, the skylights should be closed or blocked. Try to choose finished curtains that can block ultraviolet rays, such as: venetian blinds, organ curtains, pleated curtains, wooden curtains and specially treated fabric curtains. Both are good choices.