Competitive comparison between flannel and coral fleece


When buying bedding, bedding products of many different […]

When buying bedding, bedding products of many different materials and fabrics are also required. Bedding products of different fabrics are different in comfort, touch and warmth. Just like when we are choosing blankets, we often encounter blankets of two kinds of fabrics-flannel blankets and coral fleece blankets. What kind of fabrics are good?
The term flannel is a loanword. It is a soft and suede woolen fabric woven with carded woolen yarn. In China, it usually refers to a woolen woolen fabric woven from mixed-color carded woolen yarn and has a patterned personality. The layer is full and finely covered by the fluff, and the hand feels soft and smooth. In the production of flannel, some wool is dyed first. In addition to all wool, the materials used are usually wool and viscose blends, and some are mixed with a small amount of nylon fiber for forward wear resistance.
Coral fleece is a new type of fabric, made of polyester fiber. Because of the high density between the fibers, it is coral-like, has a good concealment, and has a soft body like a living coral, and is colorful, so it is named coral fleece. Coral fleece sheds fine hair due to the weaving principle, but coral fleece does not ball, does not fade, is not allergic, has good water absorption, has no effect on the skin, and has a fine texture, soft feel, beautiful appearance and rich color.
The difference between flannel and coral fleece:
1. Before weaving, the flannel fabric is made by dyeing the wool, and then the wool of the primary color is woven by blending. Twill weaving and plain weaving are selected. The weaving technology is mainly through heating, deformation, cooling, and shaping. , Constantly adding new technologies, so that the fabric has a more abundant layering and rich colors.
2. It can be seen from the selection of materials that the wool material used for flannel is very different from the polyester fiber used for coral fleece. It can be found from the finished product that the feel of fluff is also slightly different. It is more delicate and soft, and the thickness and warmth of the fabric are also different. The flannel made of wool is thicker and more warm.