New industrialization is the only way for the textile industry to become stronger and stronger

Summary:Du Yuzhou, president of China Textile Industry Association, said at the 2011 China Textile Roundtable Forum that the tex...

Du Yuzhou, president of China Textile Industry Association, said at the 2011 China Textile Roundtable Forum that the textile industry is an important part of the manufacturing industry. As the largest industry in the consumer goods industry, it must be strengthened and must implement the new industrialization road. 
Du Yuzhou pointed out that the new industrialization road of the textile industry must adapt to the new expectations of the people to live a better life; to adapt to the new positioning of international competition; to continue to play a comparative advantage in international competition. These three premisees require a modern industrial system with structural optimization, advanced technology, clean and safe, high added value, and strong employability.
Du Yuzhou said that according to the development of the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period and a series of challenges, the Textile Industry Association has been studying how the textile industry will become stronger and stronger in the second decade from the previous year. According to the judgments on the international and domestic situation and the competition in the textile industry, according to the analysis of international and domestic development conditions and opportunities, especially the strong conditions of domestic demand, and some powerful factors of reform, opening up, and international cooperation, four strategic priorities have been proposed. task.
First, we must achieve a strong textile and technology country. This is the cornerstone of the textile powerhouse and the cornerstone of the real economy. No other skills can replace it.
Second, the textile brand is a strong country. China is not yet a big textile brand country. It is just a big country in which textile brands have mushroomed. It cannot be said to be a brand power. The manufacturing industry will accelerate its technological transformation from large to strong, increase product development and create brands. In the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the brand should be unified with the whole industry's thinking, and the brand creation should be unified to the real creation, rather than unified in advertising or branding skills.
Third, sustainable development. To achieve a circular economy, a low-carbon economy, and a green economy, although there is progress now, there are still deficiencies in the entire industry. Including resource issues, textile machinery and equipment, cleaner production, how to integrate development, research on enterprise innovation systems, research and development investment, and other issues, these key needs to be seized.
Fourth, the strategy of strengthening the country through textile talents. Talent is the first resource. The realization of the above three strategies must rely on talents to achieve, and we must pay attention to engineers. This is the backbone of technological progress. It is necessary to pay attention to the leading figures in scientific and technological progress, the leading figures of enterprises, the leading figures in the enterprise industry alliance, and the leading figures in production, research and research. Of course, the industry also needs educators and scientists to participate in the application of basic technologies in the research industry. Such a team is the foundation for realizing a strong textile country. It is called people-oriented, and this is the key to implementing the scientific development concept.
Du Yuzhou said that in the new year, the textile industry is facing many new risks, such as inflation expectations, capital, trade protection, cost increase, etc. The most important thing is to overcome the apparent influence of the surface. The whole industry is not worthy of a little bit of pride in the achievements of the "10th Five-Year Plan" and "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", but should be more cautious and work harder to create good results in the second decade and realize the textile power. aims. (China Textile Network)