Advantages and disadvantages of velvet fabric

Summary:Sofa Velvet Fabric is one of the most popular fabrics in winter. It uses velvet warp to form loops or fluff on the fabri...
Sofa Velvet Fabric is one of the most popular fabrics in winter. It uses velvet warp to form loops or fluff on the fabric surface. It originated in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China, so it is also called Zhangrong. Sofa Velvet Fabric, one of the traditional Chinese fabrics, has been produced in large quantities since the Ming Dynasty.
The Sofa Velvet Fabric is made of cocoon grade A raw silk, also silk as warp, cotton yarn as weft, silk or rayon flannelette, degummed or semi-degummed, dyed, and twisted. We can also use cotton, eye, viscose, polyester, nylon and other different materials to weave, with a smooth feel and high gloss.
There are two kinds of Sofa Velvet Fabrics: flowered velvet and plain velvet. Flower velvet refers to the cutting of part of the velvet loops into fluff according to the pattern. The fluff and fluff loops alternate to form the pattern. The surface of plain velvet is all fluff loops.
From the perspective of appearance, Sofa Velvet Fabric has luxurious temperament and rich texture, which can create a magical fashion atmosphere. Some special Sofa Velvet Fabrics are added with brightener when finishing, so that the pile surface has a good luster.
Advantages and disadvantages of Sofa Velvet Fabric
Advantages of Sofa Velvet Fabric
The Sofa Velvet Fabric feels comfortable and its texture is fine, so it is like touching soft fluff when you hold it in your hand. It is a good choice whether it is personal clothing or bedding.
(2) Sofa Velvet Fabric has the advantages of not falling off wool and not fading. Its fluff or velvet ring is tight and upright, with elegant color, and the fabric is firm and wear-resistant. Therefore, it has good use effect and high cost performance.
(3) Sofa Velvet Fabric has excellent flowing drape feeling and elegant luster, so it belongs to the fabric with high beauty value, and many fabrics are incomparable, so it becomes the favorite of fashion experts.
(4) Sofa Velvet Fabric has strong thermal insulation. Silk is used as raw material or warp thread, especially in winter, which will not make people feel cold.
2. Disadvantages of Sofa Velvet Fabric
(1) Sofa Velvet Fabric is extremely easy to generate static electricity in autumn and winter, so it is easy to adsorb on other fabrics, which is very annoying.
(2) The surface of the Sofa Velvet Fabric is composed of dense small fluff. During the production and processing of the fabric, some small fluff particles will remain on the clothes, so it is necessary to remove these small fluff regularly.
(3) Due to the problem of manufacturing technology, the dark Sofa Velvet Fabric will wash out the color in the previous washing and fade.