What are the advantages of acrylic fabrics?

Summary:Acrylic fiber is a kind of fabric with a good touch. Its appearance is bright, the cost is relatively low, (much cheaper...
Acrylic fiber is a kind of fabric with a good touch. Its appearance is bright, the cost is relatively low, (much cheaper than wool and cotton), and it has excellent recovery properties and is not easy to deform.

Acrylic fiber use: mainly used for civilian use, it can also be made of all kinds of wool, wool, blankets, sportswear or artificial fur, bulky yarn, plush, hoses, parasols, etc., or it can be purely mixed.

Features: Acrylic fiber has the reputation of synthetic wool, and its elasticity and volume are similar to natural wool. Therefore, the warmth retention of the fabric is not lower than that of wool fabrics, and is about 15% higher than similar wool fabrics.

Acrylic fiber advantages:
1. Elasticity: It is more elastic than wool, so when the elasticity is 20%, the recovery rate can be maintained at about 65%.
2. Warmth retention: The warmth retention of acrylic fabric is better than that of wool. Acrylic fiber has a much better heat retention than wool fabric because the fiber has a fluffy shape, curls and feels very soft.
3. High strength: The strength of acrylic fabric is higher than that of wool. At present, the strength of acrylic fiber is about 22.1~48.5 cN/dtex, and wool is about 1 to 2.5 times lower than that of acrylic fabric.
4. Light fastness: Acrylic fabric has excellent light fastness. There is no problem with the acrylic fiber putting the optical fiber in the sun. Acrylic fabric made of fabric is exposed to the sun for one year, and its strength is reduced to less than 20%, which shows its practicality.
5. Acid resistance: Acrylic textile products are generally not afraid of acid corrosion and have good acid resistance.

Acrylic shirts are easily deformed to the side. Don't be too big when buying. It can be washed with ordinary detergent. After dissolving in hot water, soak the shirt for about 30 minutes, and then gently wash it with your hands. In order to prevent deformation and fading, it should not be twisted or exposed. The drying method is the same as that of sweaters. Don't feel pressure when you receive the suitcase.